Santa Fe Web Page.com would like to help you improve your communication with friends, family and/or your business. People are getting hooked up to the web at an all time high. It is projected that by 2007 almost 83% of households will be hooked up to the Internet or have access to it at work. There is no faster or cheaper way to keep in contact or inform people than over the net.

Let Santa Fe Web Page.com help you hook up to the world wide web and open up a whole new form of communication. Please take some time to consider your needs for your business. It is important to us that your needs be met.

Pricing (click on a package to see what's included) All packages are a base rate. Prices may vary depending upon your needs. You may choose from one of 5 basic site designs. The price of a Custom Site is dependent upon the complexity of the site. Please contact us for a free quote.



# of pages # of images # of links prices


2 5 3 $200.00


3 10 5 $335.00

Home Page

5 15 10 $725.00


8 20 15 $900.00

The Works

11 30 20 $1,300.00
Custom Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Call for Price

(Prices are base estimates. Additional charges may occur based on additional features)


description of service price


There is a 1Hr.min. for site updates and maintenance. $55.00/Hr.

Domain Name

We will register your domain for you. (1 year reg,) $20.00

Additional Images

All images can be scanned or sent by e-mail. $10.00

Custom Graphics

SFWP can create custom graphics for your site. $35.00/Up


Animation can be in .gif or flash formats. $20.00/Up


Create a form to collect info from clients. $75.00


Keep track of how many hits your site is getting. $15.00


Create eye catching splash pages and animations. $75.00 min.


Poster cards designed to promote your site. $85.00/100

Shopping Cart

Sell products online. Call for Price

Virtual Tours

Create 360o virtual tours. $75.00/Tour

Starter - This is are easiest way to get you or your business up on the web. The Starter package includes two pages on. What's a page? Good question. A page is considered to be equivalent to what ever you can fit on an 8x11 printed piece of paper. Images can included pictures, logos, or graphics. You will also receive three links to any web page of your choice or link to direct e-mail. This package would be good for a first timer or someone who is looking to provide some basic information.

Basic - This package gives you some flexibility in how your site looks. The Basic includes 3 pages. That is equivalent to three 8x11 printed pages. Ten images are included within the package. This means you can display some of those family pictures or really show off the type of work your business provides. In addition you get five links within your site. This will allow you to have links to bodies of text within your site, links to other sites that might complement your business, or any of your favorite links. This package is great for a small business looking to extend their communication with customers.

Home Page - This package truly allows you to become creative with your web site. The Home Page provides you with 5 individual pages. That means you have capability of providing as much information as five printed sheets of 8x11 paper will hold. Fifteen images allows you to give your site a unique feel and look. The Basic comes with ten links to use as you choose. The Basic is intended for some one who wants to truly make their web site interactive.

Business - This package is for someone who is looking to take full advantage of what the Internet can do for their business. With eight pages, this package which will allow you display a large amount of information. This package includes up to 20 images to customize your site. With fifteen links you can allow viewers to navigate you site with ease. You also will receive one form. This will allow those visiting your site to include information about themselves.

The Works - This is for those who are not only looking to provide an audience with images and information, but is looking to to truly integrate the latest technology into their business. This package includes eleven pages which can include up to 30 images and 20 links. This will allow you to create a site that can meet almost any businesses needs. Like the Business, you will receive a form to help you in gathering information about your customers. By adding a shopping cart you can sell your goods and services online.


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